Filloneah 2019 Prêt-à-Porter Collection

Coming up with Filloneah's Prêt-à-Porter Line is nothing short of an emotional journey. Doubts and fears creeped in like a thief in the night, which made us miss opportunity after opportunity to finally launch Filloneah.

Filloneah is a word play of both our grandmothers' names; Fillo from our Ahma Fely whose name is Filomena, whereas, Neah originated from our Nanay Virginia. When broken down, our brand translates for love (Fillo) and moving (Neah.) Love Moving or the love for travelling is the key insight for the brand. When we say we've sourced the world to find the perfect blanc tee, we meant it. We've been travelling around since 2015 and a plain blanc tee has always been a constant in our suitcases. And that's where we understood it, the idea to create a brand to empower the Femme En Route - women on the way.

Filloneah's 2019 Prêt-à-porter Collection consists of Basic Blanc, Basic Creme, and two printed tees namely, Manille Amour and Femme en Route.